Website Development

Small Organisations

The cost for a small, well designed, professional brochure/informational style website starts at €1,500. This will include as many design iterations as you require to be happy, and a content management system to allow you to update the website. The cost of additional features will depend on your requirements.

We can also provide additional services such as; company logo design, content copywriting, photography or diagram/map development.

Please contact us at or fill out our first contact form to get started.

Project time should be in the range 2 weeks-2 months
Medium Sized Organisations

If your organisation has key business requirements for the web or large information publishing needs, we have the skills and tools necessary to develop a robust, future proof web application. Our methodology covers requirements workshops and usability testing.

A project in this category may include some of the following features; product purchasing functionality, user registration, user controlled content, full workflow based content management, search and bibliographic functionality, integration with external systems.

If you have a tender process, send us the details at or alternatively, fill out our first contact form so that we can make a more detailed appraisal of costs for your particular project.

Project time should be between 2 and 4 months
Larger Projects

If your project is large, we would be happy to draw up a joint proposal with other partners.

Usability Consulting

If you have an existing website, we can provide you with a usability audit. This will include the cost of making minor usability tweaks as well as recomendations on the best strategy to help your users achieve their goals.

Persona Analysis

A document which summarises the range of users of your website. This enables better internal communication when implementing a feature for a certain set of users, and serves as a useful tool to bring new staff up to speed, as your company grows. The Persona Analysis would be drawn up from existing feedback that you have received from your users, from brainstorming sessions, and also from any usability testing. This document could also have a secondary use for you to communicate with third party organisations.

Usability Analysis and User Testing

Conduct a usability analysis of your website based on user testing. Test between three and five participants for each Persona, including users who have never used your website before. Produce recommendations based on observing users as they go about obtaining their goals. These recommendations would complement the existing feedback you get on the site from users, but would be expected to throw up more subtle problems that users are having, that they wouldn't necessarily think important enough to be motivated to notify you about directly.

Cross Browser HTML and CSS page layouts

We can convert your existing table based layout to one built on semantic xhtml + css. This has the advantage of faster page loading, easier cross-site modification and better accessibility and search engine visibility. At this stage, we would also implement any agreed-upon usability enhancements from the usability analysis stage.

Graphic and Print Design

Our graphic design focuses on the clear display of information. Anything which clutters the web page increases the signal to noise ratio, and ultimately distracts the user from the information they want and dilutes their perception of your brand.